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#!/usr/bin/env python

"""Setup script for the jack module distribution."""

from distutils.core import setup, Extension

setup( # Distribution meta-data
    name = "jack",
    version = "3.1.1",
    description = "A frontend for several cd-rippers and mp3 encoders",
    author = "Arne Zellentin",
    author_email = "zarne@users.sf.net",
    url = "http://www.home.unix-ag.org/arne/jack/",

    # Description of the modules and packages in the distribution
    ext_modules = [ Extension('jack_cursesmodule',
    ['cursesmodule/jack_cursesmodule.c'], libraries=["ncurses"],
    extra_compile_args=["-Wno-strict-prototypes"]) ],

    py_modules = [ 'jack_CDTime', 'jack_TOC', 'jack_TOCentry', 'jack_argv',
    'jack_checkopts', 'jack_children', 'jack_config', 'jack_constants',
    'jack_display', 'jack_encstuff', 'jack_freedb', 'jack_functions',
    'jack_generic', 'jack_globals', 'jack_helpers', 'jack_init', 'jack_m3u',
    'jack_main_loop', 'jack_misc', 'jack_mp3', 'jack_playorder',
    'jack_plugins', 'jack_prepare', 'jack_progress', 'jack_rc',
    'jack_ripstuff', 'jack_status', 'jack_t_curses', 'jack_t_dumb', 'jack_tag',
    'jack_targets', 'jack_term', 'jack_utils', 'jack_version', 'jack_workers']

print "If you have installed the modules, copy jack to some place in your $PATH,"
print "like /usr/local/bin/."

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